Talking Life, Death and Deities to Under 7s – oh sceptic, have you failed?

Robinince's Blog

Recently, I talked about my son’s experience with the tooth fairy at a skeptics in the pub event.

Afterwards, in the question and maybe an answer session, I was asked whether, as a presumed sceptic and attempted rationalist, I felt uncomfortable or hypocritical keeping encouraging the tooth fairy legend. I don’t have a problem with the odd fairy tale or myth. I see no reason to constantly hit my son’s head with a mallet of reason after each reading of Rapunzel or The Dinosaur Pirates. Children’s minds are being shaped for the possibility of reasonableness, but I don’t see any reason not to allow some pretend. There will come a time, oddly coinciding with the last pre-molar being placed under the pillow, when he may well decide it was all nonsense, but nonsense that turned near worthless enamel into Lego and comics. If I just told him, “there is no…

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