Let’s Play A Game of “Who’s Not Your Friend”


When I finished my last post on Ukraine by saying “whenever someone is trying to deny you the full picture, they are not your friend”, it was a sort of quote. Back in the terrible early days of the Iraq War, I stumbled across a blog post or an article by the publishing house editor Teresa Nielsen Hayden describing the 2000 “election” of George W. Bush to be the president of the US. I found her words to be remarkably clear:

You can take this as a rule: No matter what else they’re saying, anyone who says we can dispense with counting the ballots and observing the law is not your friend. Neither is anyone who tries to take power without having the laws and ballots on his side. Neither is anyone who withholds vital information on that score, or condones others’ disrespect for it.

It can’t be said clearer…

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