10 Things That Only People From Pfafftown Will Understand

Daniel is funny

(Note: Readers of Daniel Is Funny, Pfafftown is the town I grew up in. I hope that helps to make the decision behind creating this list make more sense. I didn’t just pick a random small town and decide that that one would be perfect for satirizing a common type of online article.)

Pfafftown, famous for being both the “NYC of the South” and the best place to scream where no one can hear you, has a lot of features that average, non-Pfafficists wouldn’t get. Here are ten things that you understand when you grow up in Evolution’s Pinnacle, USA.

1.       That One Tree In C.G. Hill Memorial Park

In the southeast, when a duck has to shit, it goes to C.G. Hill Memorial Park. There is so much feces littering the running path and picnic area, that you’d swear the ducks had finally figured out that they were…

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