Crazy Helena’s 24 Hour March Madness Event (AKA – This Baby’s Coming Whether You Like it or Not!)

dilettante factory

Yes, darlings.

It’s come to this.

Let’s recap, shall we, the decent into shamelessness.

FIrst, there was the declaration – The People’s Republic of Helena where I laid it all out for you and told you what you were getting into.

Then came the INTERVIEWS and the many cover reveals and thank yous.

Somewhere along the line I desperately tried getting Amanda Palmer’s attention, and then Jim’s basement flooded with shit and I had to turn to celebrity endorsements.

The SHAMELESSNESS of it all!

You’ll recall we had Stewie Griffin say a few words, and then Harry Potter dropped by, but not before I completely debased myself and showed you a video clip of my Shaved Wet Pussy in order to try to grab your attention.

I made a Last Call, and some of you out there are still wondering what I’m going to do next.


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