Fantastic Springtime Tip for Increasing Cycling Speed Average (If you don’t have a mountain in your back yard)

Fit Recovery

I’ve gotten a few comments on my Noob’s Guide to a 23 mph average post that made an addendum a bit of a necessity and considering that I’ve already added to that post three times, I figured I’d just write a new one to cover the one thing that absolutely transformed my summer cycling performance and enjoyment – and is exceptionally simple.  Before we get going, I wrote simple, not easy, for a reason.  Easy, this is not.

Increasing your average speed, for anyone who has ever tried, isn’t easy – especially going from 18-19 mph to 20-21 mph (solo, relatively flat roads).  There are two aspects to doing so that are absolutely crucial; the ability to get used to being uncomfortable (or to work harder) and leg strength.

The best thing I’ve found for both that translates to big gains on the flats is climbing mountain roads.  If, however, you don’t have…

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