Rant alert: Enough with the elitism in fitness!

Fit and Feminist

Last night I was hanging out on my couch, drinking a glass of wine and clicking around on the internet, when I came across a random blog post that really got under my skin.  I’m not going to link to the actual post because it wasn’t that particular post that bothered me as much as it was the fact that it was just the most recent time I’d been exposed to what I consider to be one of the ugliest aspects of the fitness community: elitism.

If you’ve spent any time in online fitness communities, you know what I am talking about. It’s everywhere!  A certain kind of person gets super into whatever fitness philosophy they’ve chosen to embrace, which is awesome, but for some people, that’s not enough.  It’s not enough for them to say “Crossfit/triathlon/running/powerlifting really pumps my ‘nads” and leave it at that.  No, they have to…

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