Rand Paul And The Perils Of Right-Now Thinking


There is nothing as unwise as the brain feeling whatever it’s feeling right this second. Right-now feelings are the necessary precursor to right-now actions—the stuff of bar fights, of impulse purchases, of hopping into bed with someone you really, truly ought to be having nothing to do with, but never mind that because the heart, or some other part of you, wants what it wants.

I was put in mind of the right-now brain when I read Saturday’s column by the estimable Ruth Marcus in The Washington Post. The teaser headline for the story on the Post‘s homepage was “Dems Should Be Frightened of Rand Paul,” and while the headline on the story itself was more measured (“Rand Paul: the most intriguing man in today’s Republican party”), it made the same point: After the Kentucky senator’s pitch to students at the University of California, Berkeley—the symbol and soul…

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